Analysis of Chemical Weapons

HCG – Hazard Control GmbH offers a complete analytical service based on long-time experience in the handling and analysis of chemical weapons (CWAs) and chemical warfare materials (CWMs). Furthermore, HCG – Hazard Control GmbH holds a governmental license for working with live chemical weapons.

Detection, Identification and Analysis of Chemical Weapons (CWAs)

Detection and analysis of all types of chemical weapons. Use of various GC-MS, HPLC, high resolution MS/MS and ion mobility spectrometer systems for the identification of unknown compounds by isotopic pattern analysis.


Customer-Specified Tests and Calibration

Customer-specified development of analytical methods, libraries for MS and ion mobility spectrometry, analytical procedures incl. training with live chemical weapons and instrument calibration with live agents and certified standards of CWAs.


Gas-Phase Dosing of Chemical Weapons

Gas-phase tests with chemical weapons incl. material tests, workplace monitoring, hardware exposure, safety during transportation and exposure during handling and destruction of CWMs.


Mobile Laboratories

Onsite chemical support by own mobile labs during CWM handling activities.

Decontamination of chemical weapons

Decontamination and waste treatment. Review of decontamination processes.